Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cloth diapering: isn't that a bit too much work?

Well, I thought it would be quite a lot of work. But I wanted to do it anyway because in the end you save money, you don't have stinky trash cans, and you don't fill the landfills with something that takes hundreds of years to decompose. One last reason for me was also that I wouldn't put so many chemicals in constant contact with my son's skin. Because, yes, there are chemicals in baby diapers. They contain things such as AGM (which is the gel filler that holds a LOT of urine), petrolatum, perfumes, etc... that may be linked to an increase in asthma occurrences as well as long term decreased sperm count in baby boys.
So, after a long while (honestly, with all of Matt's health issues, I had other things on my mind than investing in cloth diapers right away), we made the switch. After a lot of research on the Internet, I chose GroVia diapers. And I'm quite pleased with my choice. They are one size diaper with organic cotton inserts and you can also use disposable inserts. The colors are really nice and gender neutral and the new prints they just launched (will be available in december), are quite cute and very trim.
We have a lot of their hybrid ones and one of their all in one, which we use for night time and we like a lot. Almost never have any leaks.
I also switched to washable wipes. I put all my wipes in an old tub of pampers wipes and make sure they are all wet enough with a mix of water and a tablespoon of Lusa Baby Wipe Juice, which give them a nice smell and are good for your baby's skin.

We still use disposable dipes when traveling, but other than that, we're cloth diapering.

I have to do a load every other day. And sometimes it's a bit difficult to get the ammonia stink out of the diapers, but a nice sun bleaching and it goes away. And in Houston, we do have a lot of sun!
It's not that big a deal, and after the initial investment (about $500), you end up saving money on the long run. Yes, even including the extra load of laundry.

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